After having a less than satisfactory experience in an international sculpture school, I decided to leave and teach… • Read More »

By Patrick McCuen  of The question of “Why make fan art?” crossed my mind, as I was, not coincidentally,… • Read More »

By Finnabair of I’m a woman of many interests: a mixed media artist, scrapbooker and art journaler who… • Read More »

By Seth Apter of Sometimes a collage just looks like some smaller paper (or other material) glued… • Read More »

January Issue now on E-Stand! Vol III. #1


Back to Plein Air Painting

See Steven’s paintings in Vol II. #12 of The Woven Tale Press

Undersea Art Exhibition

By BJ Price of See his work in Vol. III #1  issue of The Woven Tale Press

One Artist’s Painting Process

A glimpse into artist Rick Stevens at work,  from conception to a completed painting. His evocative landscapes are featured in this month’s The Woven Tale Press.

Friday Features: Behind-the-Scenes

“If it Sounds Like Writing, Rewrite it”

“If it Sounds Like Writing, Rewrite it”

Carol Cassara of “Worship of Writers”: a phrase on wrapping paper I saw while in London, and one I think is what authors finally are, collectively.  I wasn’t sure how I would use the photo I took of this wrapping paper: Wrapping paper I saw in London Then I ran across some of the very best writing tips ever. […]

Mural Art: Graphic Graffiti Style

Mural Art:  Graphic Graffiti Style

By Janelle Rucker of Did you know there are little jewels hidden in plain sight in most communities? Murals, stickers and tags on the sides of buildings, in alleys and on light poles, all with a story and a purpose. Hamilton Glass, known in art circles as Ham?, has been dropping these jewels all over […]

Writing: How to Get Story Ideas…

Writing: How to Get Story Ideas…

By J.R. Frontera of …otherwise known as: How To Tap Into the Elusive “Everywhere.” If you are like most yet-to-be-published writers, you attempt to learn all you can from the successful career authors any chance you get. This often includes reading magazine articles, interviews, and online articles about them, and sometimes even traveling to […]


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