A Few Choice Words

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By David Kent of What’s the difference between ordinary writing and extraordinary literature? Word choice.      That is not some editorial decree to run out and buy a new thesaurus (although if you don’t own J. I. Rodale’s Synonym Finder, you should go get it), there is a lot more to word choice than a…

Writing Your Own Writing Prompts


By Jennifer Dunn of Yesterday I wrote about why I’ve decided to make my own writing prompts, and I described how I planned to do this. You can find out all about it right here.For a few days prior to posting yesterday, I’d been trying out my method with pretty decent success, but I wasn’t…


Collage Art: Integrating Your Elements

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By Seth Apter of Sometimes a collage just looks like some smaller paper (or other material) glued to a larger surface. But there are many ways in which to alter your collage elements to make the piece a more cohesive and seamless whole.           Five tips to integrate collage elements:…

Mural Art: Graphic Graffiti Style


By Janelle Rucker of Did you know there are little jewels hidden in plain sight in most communities? Murals, stickers and tags on the sides of buildings, in alleys and on light poles, all with a story and a purpose. Hamilton Glass, known in art circles as Ham?, has been dropping these jewels all over…


Photography: Peopling Your Travel Photos


By Dick Jordan of Getting people into (or out of) a shot can present several problems that photographers, including leisure travelers snapping away with a smartphone, usually don’t encounter when taking photos of landscapes or inanimate objects. People in Motion: When people gather, whether in a big city, little village, beach, or national park,…

Tête-à-tête with Avian Photographer Gaurav Mittal


By Fried Eye of He believes in his dream and the journey he treads on. He gave up his lucrative profession and luxury to be with what he loves doing – photographing the most delicate and fragile moments of birds. Gaurav Mittal, an established “bird photography artist” says, “his images of birds are not…


A Hybrid and the Art of Animated GIFS

Marina Esmeraldo of 10105626_10762802_fMarina Esmeraldo is a London and Barcelona based creative– she specializes in illustration and image-making. Her work is informed by studies in architecture and graphic design, a passion for patterns, bold shapes and color, and her tropical upbringing in northeast Brazil.


"The Hybrid" is a creative manifesto that she wrote, art-directed, illustrated and animated in collaboration with director Ross McClure:   tumblr_mx950xXieR1qz9weno1_500   An outtake from The Love Topography pattern portrait Hybrid Animation


Bendeye I by Marina Esmeraldo

Hybrid Animation