Vol. IV #3


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The Woven Tale Press does a great job of finding artists who, working in a variety of mediums,  are creating fresh concepts.  The Press is a must-read magazine for art lovers who want to keep pace with what is going on in the art world.”

–Harry Wicks http://www.harrywicks.com

 Press Spotlight

Joyce Kubat

Couple: Pastel on Paper

Joyce Kubat's technique allows change

Couple | Joyce Kubat
pastel on paper | 26” x 40”

Technique allows her to "…change anything at any time, forever"

The heavy-bodied acrylic-based ink [I use] is red-earth colored, like blood, and the hard pastels melted in water are like paint. My technique allows me to change anything at any time, forever. Even an ink line can be made narrower with a razor blade.”   —Joyce Kubat

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“The Woven Tale Press delivers. It is my ‘go to’ source for the best writing on the web. Editor Sandra Tyler and her minions, busy as proverbial bees, hunt for the best writers, poets and artists out there. She and they compile and present them each month in a beautifully designed ezine, easy to navigate and easy on the eye. You may, as they promise, enjoy their eclectic selections of innovative prose, humor and visual arts. And, they gift to us links to visit all their contributors for more. Go! Read! Submit! Your time will be well spent. I personally guarantee it.”

Steven D. Malone of: http://www.stevenspen.com/

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