The Woven Tale Press Vol. II #8

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Self-Promotion for Writers: Dump Social Media, E-mbrace Email


By Randy Ross of Writers and Web marketers have become disillusioned with social media because it can be a huge waste of time and you’re at the mercy of media companies scrambling to turn a profit. In many cases, simple e-mail marketing techniques can be a better use of your time. This article also…

Loosening the Screws on Too-Tight Writing


Whilst editing more of the never-ending manuscript last night, I became aware that some of my writing was tight. As tight as a publisher’s wallet in fact. I can clearly discern which sections I wrote during free-wheeling, word-flowing time off when I spent a couple of hours jotting down stream-of-consciousness, vaguely-related meanderings, which eventually morphed…


Collage Art: Integrating Your Elements

seth marche headshot 2 thumb

By Seth Apter of Sometimes a collage just looks like some smaller paper (or other material) glued to a larger surface. But there are many ways in which to alter your collage elements to make the piece a more cohesive and seamless whole.           Five tips to integrate collage elements:…

Mural Art: Graphic Graffiti Style


By Janelle Rucker of Did you know there are little jewels hidden in plain sight in most communities? Murals, stickers and tags on the sides of buildings, in alleys and on light poles, all with a story and a purpose. Hamilton Glass, known in art circles as Ham?, has been dropping these jewels all over…


Tête-à-tête with Avian Photographer Gaurav Mittal


By Fried Eye of He believes in his dream and the journey he treads on. He gave up his lucrative profession and luxury to be with what he loves doing – photographing the most delicate and fragile moments of birds. Gaurav Mittal, an established “bird photography artist” says, “his images of birds are not…

Photography: Realism Digital Art

Jacob Surland portrait

Realism Digital Art is a term I use to describe the painterly and dramatic effects I’m striving for in my photography, utilizing Photomatix, Lightroom and Photoshop. This one photo, taken in Chicago on the morning after  St. Patrick’s Day,  turned out as a surprise to me, as I was experimenting with combining various techniques: a…


The Pulse of Mixed Media: Artist Panel

Introducing our latest! Videos exploring the artistic process, from writer interviews to artist panels, tutorials, works-in-progress, studio peeks, performance, and everything creative in-between.

Up this week is Seth Apter who’s been featured on our site and whose work will be represented in August’s Woven Tale Press issue. He recently has come on staff as an art editor for the Press, and his expertise as well as unique mixed-media perspective will surely enhance future Press content. You can find out more about him at:


Artist and author Seth Apter hosts an artist panel to celebrate the release of his first book The Pulse of Mixed Media. Sponsored by The Ink Pad and held in NYC on 3/31/12, the panel included contributing artists (in order of appearance) Karen Cole, Jill Zaheer, Roxanne Evans Stout, Julie Prichard, Michelle Ward, and Danny Gregory.