A Few Choice Words

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By David Kent of What’s the difference between ordinary writing and extraordinary literature? Word choice.      That is not some editorial decree to run out and buy a new thesaurus (although if you don’t own J. I. Rodale’s Synonym Finder, you should go get it), there is a lot more to word choice than a…


Collage Art: Integrating Your Elements

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By Seth Apter of Sometimes a collage just looks like some smaller paper (or other material) glued to a larger surface. But there are many ways in which to alter your collage elements to make the piece a more cohesive and seamless whole.           Five tips to integrate collage elements:…


Photography: Peopling Your Travel Photos


By Dick Jordan of Getting people into (or out of) a shot can present several problems that photographers, including leisure travelers snapping away with a smartphone, usually don’t encounter when taking photos of landscapes or inanimate objects. People in Motion: When people gather, whether in a big city, little village, beach, or national park,…



By Steve Shultz of

Steve Shultz is a poet and journalist from Aurora, Colorado. His poetry has been published in print in three anthologies and online in a variety of publications. His first book of poetry, FM Ghost, was released in April 2013 via ALL CAPS PUBLISHING, an indie poetry and fiction collective based out of Massachusetts. Read some of his earlier work at

Johnny Osi composed the music and is responsible for recording. He posts his own songs, poems and art on: